Safeguarding and vetting of all staff

As an outdoor activities provider, often working in remote situations, for long periods of time with young or vulnerable people, we have a responsibility to appropriately risk assess staff before they are deployed. As a well-established company of over 10 years we are in the fortunate position of having known the majority of our staff for a number of years and generally only accept new freelancers on the basis of professional recommendation. Many of our staff have professional backgrounds in youth work and education and continue to undergo training in safeguarding best practice. Our safeguarding measures include the following checks on our freelancers and staff, before deployment.

Verifying ID

Staff have to provide proof of their identity in the form of a passport or driving license.


We take up two written references for our staff.

Enhanced DBS Checks and Overseas Certificates of Good Character

Staff who, through the execution of their duties, could feasibly find themselves alone with young or vulnerable people are required to provide an Enhanced DBS check that is less than three years old. Through the online update service, we may undertake DBS checks more frequently. Any staff who have lived abroad for over 6 months in the last 5 years also have to provide an overseas certificate of good character.

Qualifications and experience

We check that all staff are sufficiently qualified and experienced to carry out the roles that they are asked to perform. Staff hold a relevant and in date first aid certificate as is required to validate most outdoor leading qualifications. We also review the work of staff to identify specific areas of expertise and weakness to ensure that we are deploying the most suitable staff for a specific job.


Review and compliance checks

Lupine Adventure Cooperative has a Safeguarding Officer and our procedures are subject to regular internal review.


Our safeguarding procedures are inspected, annually, by our licencing authority, The Adventure Activities Licencing Authority, a division of the Health and Safety Inspectorate.


We are happy to discuss our safeguarding measures, in more detail, with parents, prospective clients and other appropriate organisations.