Like many in the outdoor industry we rely heavily on Freelance staff, this page is therefore split into Employee vacancies and Freelance opportunities.

Employee vacancies

We currently have no employee vacancies

Freelance opportunities

We have a large pool of freelancers that we draw upon to fulfil our work commitments. If you are interested in working with us then read on for a few bits of information about the sort of work that we do and where we do it.

What sort of work do you provide?

85% of the work we do is DofE expeditions. The other 15% is Yorkshire 3 Peaks, Hill days (Scafell Pike or Snowdon for instance), Rock climbing, Hill and Mountain Skills (Mountain Training accredited courses) and Winter Skills.

Where is your work based?

Most of our work is in Yorkshire and the Chilterns (Hertfordshire), We also do quite a bit in the Peak District, the Lake District and the Surrey, Sussex, Kent area. We do very, very occasional work, in Wales, South West and Scotland.

Do I need insurance?

While we don't require you to have your own insurance (as your work is covered under our insurance) as a freelance instructor we would expect you to have your own insurance in place. We do not routinely take copies or check that you have cover as it is un-necessary for our insurance company or procedures.

What is the rate of pay?

We have a day rate that we offer for all DofE work set annually for the year ahead (other work it tends to vary a bit more). When we put work out it is fine (and common) for freelance staff to ask for a higher rate which we take into consideration when staffing the job. Some people ask for more for some jobs as there is more travelling for them and some freelancers simply have a higher day rate than we routinely offer.

Who pays the tax?

As a freelance member of staff you are responsible for your own tax and NI payments.

As you are probably aware there is a grey area and some debate as to whether freelancers are genuine freelancers or really employees.

We have been through the questions on the government website and it comes out that our freelancers are in fact genuine freelancers. Please click on one of the two links below to ensure that you agree that the answers to the questions given do relate to how you will work with us, If they don't then we'll go through it individually with you to see that you can work for us as a freelancer.

  1. People who have freelanced for us before.
  2. People who have never freelanced for us before.


What information will I need to provide?

You don't need to provide us with any information until we ask for it and we will only retain information we need. To work for us and be a fully-inducted freelancer there is an induction process which will include seeing qualifications, ID and other relevant documentation; taking up 2 references; and you reading our procedural documents. Most of our work requires an recent Enhanced DBS certificate with a check against the 'Children's Barred' List or for you to be on the DBS Update service with such a certificate (we will always need to see an original certificate).


How do I apply?

If you would like to be considered for Freelance Lupine work please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., do include an Outdoor CV if you have one.

Currently we run two Freelancer email lists:

Lupine Freelancers - for fully Lupine-inducted Freelancers who we've got booked for upcoming work or have worked for us in the past

Lupine Staffing - for un-inducted Freelancers who are interested in working for Lupine but we are yet to match to any work.

In most incidences we will first invite you to join the 'Lupine Staffing' list and move you on to 'Lupine Freelancers' when we successfully match you to some work.