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  • Caving and Spotholing

    Lupine is now able to offer caving activities in the Yorkshire Dales.

    cavingWe can run underground trips of a few hours duration or incorporate short visits into cave entrances as part of a guided walk on the surface, exploring the limestone scenery – spotholing. Up to half a day’s activity makes for a good introductory experience.

    We provide all personal safety and specialist equipment. Your visit will be under the supervision of qualified and experienced instructors carrying comprehensive group safety kit and a wealth of knowledge.

    Exploring caves is an exciting adventure into an alien world. However, it’s much more than simply an underground obstacle course. Your instructors can explain the process of the cave’s development (meeting the study needs of students if need be) and something of the history of its exploration. Importantly they’ll allow you opportunity to enjoy the sensory thrill and calming quality of total darkness and the beauty of rock formed by water. We hope you’ll go away loving caves and caving.

    Participant numbers are kept low, generally below 6, for conservation reasons and to ensure a high quality of experience. Larger groups can be accomodated, however, by rotating venues or routes within caves.

    Caves are varied. We’ll discuss your plans with you and devise an itinerary to suit – families, school groups, adult friends or corporate groups. We could incorporate transport or refreshments into your visit or devise a day of activities to include climbing, hillwalking, navigation training or problem solving games.

    Please get in touch to arrange a caving trip.

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    Some of the Caves Visited

    rope accessAround Chapel-le-Dale

    • Great Douk Cave - a waterfall climb, canyon passage and an optional wriggle to the surface at Middle Washfold Caves.
    • Sunset Hole – a stroll on Southerscales, past Braithwaite Wife Hole and into the entrance of this classic vertical pothole.

    Around Ribblehead

    • Roger Kirk Cave – an adventurous trip with a wet wriggle through The Tube. Crawling, walking and wading to surface downstream
    • Thistle and Runscar Caves – a classic novices’ trip to whet the appetite.

    All the Ribblehead trips provide the opportunity to explore the labourers’ settlement and workings around the viaduct and signs of more ancient habitation.

    In Kingsdale

    • Yordas Cave - walk inside (and out again, if you like) this former 19th Century show-cave with its impressive main chamber. Visit the watery Chapterhouse, climb into Yordas’s Bed-chamber and exit, if you’re feeling brave, through the Gravelator.
    • Kingsdale Master Cave, Valley Entrance – the historic breakthrough passage into the heart of Kingsdale’s underground river system.

    Around Selside and Alum Pot

    • Upper and Lower Long Churn Caves – perhaps the classic venue of the district. Home of The Cheesepress, Double Shuffle and Plank Pools, Dr Bannister’s Handbasin and other memorable locations. An adventure playground and scenic wonderland beneath the turf.
    • Borrins Moor Cave – walking passage lowers to a crawl in water to a wet exit at the resurgence and a flirt with Hydrophobia Inlet.

    Birkwith Area

    A walk in on a pleasant day is rewarded with a “safari” of:

    • Browgill Cave, Old Ing Cave and Birkwith Cave for a fuller day of exploration and, perhaps, a picnic.

    If there’s a particular cave you have in mind, that you’d like to visit, we’ll try to make that possible.

    kids cavePricing

    From £225-£250 for a half day for up to 6 people in the Yorkshire Dales (price depending on safety kit requirements). Please feel free to discuss your ideas with us.

    Please Note

    Although caving can be a year-round activity. All caves are more or less susceptible to heavy rainfall and high ground water levels. For this reason it may be necessary to change venues at fairly short notice or, in rare cases, to cancel. In all cases efforts will be made to reschedule.

    There’s probably a cave trip to suit nearly all ages and levels of ability but participants need, generally, to have good mobility, balance and health. Caving sometimes proves not to be for everyone so we take things slowly, at least at first, and work to the capabilities of all participants. If you’re concerned about your ability to participate in caving please talk to us and we’ll see what we can work out. Small groups including parents/carers might be most suitable for children under 7.

     Please get in touch to arrange a caving trip.


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  • DofE - Expeditions for schools and youth groups - AAP


    DofE Expedition services for schools and youth groups.

     4 things about lupine web

    We can assist you in running your expeditions...
    ...or we can take them off your hands completely


    As an Approved Activity Provider (AAP) for the expedition section of the DofE we are licensed to run all aspects of the expedition section. Although based in the North of England we run and help out with training days and expeditions throughout the country. We even run international expeditions in Europe. Wherever you are based in the UK we can probably help.


    We can;

    • Organise entire programmes of training, practice and qualifying expeditions
    • Organise the expeditions for groups that you have trained, this includes booking campsites, checking routes and notifying the DofE of the expedition
    • Provide a team of supervisors to supervise expeditions where you have trained the groups and planned the expedition.
    • Provide a few supervisors to work alongside your staff and under the direction of a suitably qualified member of your staff.

    In the first 3 examples above Lupine Adventure are taking responsiblity for the safety of the participants 24 hours a day. In the fourth example we are operating under your direction and so the responsibility ultimately rests with your organisation.

     Read our FAQ for Schools and Youth groups hiring our services.

    dog gate

    When working to Lupine Adventure procedures we staff expeditions with one member of staff per group (as a minimum) for all training and practice expeditions and all assessed expeditions in remote terrain. If you have some staff who hold nationally recognised outdoor qualifications (e.g. BEL, ML, WGL, HML) or who have completed the training in these awards then we may be able to induct your staff in our procedures and reduce the number of staff that we need to hire and therefore the cost.

    If you are interested in simply hiring supervisors to work on expeditions that you have planned then visit ourHiring a supervisor for your Duke of Edinburgh's Award group page. If you would like more information on our complete packages then please read on.


    rhs dales



    Emergency Procedure Roll Play We can run a full training course or simply cover the bits that you require help with.

    We tend to run training sessions in a single day or a few days depending on the level away in the countryside or at your premises, wherever you are. We provide training for expeditions on the following areas:

    • Route planning.
    • Navigation.
    • First aid.
    • Emergency procedures.
    • Danger identification and avoidance.
    • Menu planning.
    • Camp-craft.
    • Camp cooking and hygiene.
    • The country code and highway code.
    • Equipment choice and procurement.
    • Deciding what to take and how to carry it all.


    Practice and qualifying expeditions.

    During practice expeditions we will accompany the group for as long as we feel is necessary before letting them off on their own. This is usually a stepped process, moving from accompanying to shadowing to more remote methods of supervision.

    On qualifying expeditions we usually meet up with the groups the afternoon before the expedition for a kit check and quick refresher on emergecy procedures and navigation strategies. On the first day of the expedition they are immediately under remote supervision conditions.

    remote supervision

    When remotely supervising a group our staff will work out a daily supervision plan. They will look at the route and identify when they will need to be very close to the team and when they can hang back. Generally speaking we stay close when the team are in a) remote areas, b) areas of potential physical danger and c) areas of complex navigation. We will not necessarily walk with the group (especially on the assessed expedition), they may not even see us, but rest assured they will be being supervised. We will meet up and chat to each group at least once per day during their walk and will check them into their campsite each evening to perform an assessment of their well-being. Participants are given a emergency phone number for their supervisior, while we cannot guarantee that it will be in signal all day our staff will always be contactable during the night in case of emergencies.



    The prices for our complete programmes can be found on our Costs and funding page.

  • DofE expeditions for individuals

    Please click on the link to view our DofE for Individuals page

  • Hill and Mountain Skills

    Mountain Training (the National Governing Body of mountain leadership and instructing in the UK) administer and quality control 2 courses called Hill Skills and Mountain Skills. These courses are 'personal proficiency' courses, designed to equip participants with the skills needed to pursue their own hill and mountain walking. 

    Lupine Adventure Co-op has delivered these courses since their launch in 2014. In this time we have run  29 courses, and trained 141 successful candidates. Some of these have been open courses and some have been for schools and university societies. We have also recently started to work in association with Black Dog Adventures CIC in offering Hill Skills courses for people who struggle with mental health challenges.

    Mountain Skills

    The Mountain Skills course is an ideal choice for walkers interested in applying their countryside walking skills to the mountain environment. Ideally, participants would have done some basic hill walking previously and have a reasonable level of fitness. The syllabus covers map and compass work, mountain weather forecasting, movement through steep ground, planning and preparation, emergency procedures, seasonal effects and the mountain environment. The course is run over 2 days in the main high mountain areas of the UK and Ireland. The minimum age for participants is 12 and there is no need to have extensive mountain walking experience. This course could be ideal to some as a precursor to taking the Mountain Leader Award.

    Mountain Skills Dates

    Date: We do not currently have a Mountain Skills course scheduled.
    Location: n/a
    Price: n/a
    Bookings Close: n/a
    Other Info: n/a


    We are able to run Mountain Skills courses for groups on dates to suit you. Please contact us for a quote.

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    Hill Skills

    Mountain-Skills-038The Hill Skills course is aimed at the novice hill walker. The syllabus covers the planning of walks, the use of a map, the equipment required, the effects of weather, how to deal with emergencies and gain a valuable understanding of the upland environment. This course takes place in countryside and moorland areas where the skills will be transferable to many popular walking areas of the UK and Ireland. Again the course is 2 days long and is open to anyone aged 12 and over.


    Hill Skills Dates

    Date: 3 - 4th October
    Location: Edale, Peak District.
    Price: £60 + the Mountain Training registration fee of £20 for 18 years and over, Mountain Training registration is free for 12-17 year olds.
    Bookings Close: Friday 25th September
    Other Info:

    This course is being run in partnership with Black Dog Adventures CIC and is being subsidised by Mountain Training. It is aimed at supporting people who have experienced mental health challenges. We aim to provide a supportive atmosphere and to enable people to gain nthe benefits of outdoor exercise.

    Your course tutor Jo Chittys is an ecologist and qualified Mountain Leader. She has extensive experience teaching on residential field trips, and in skills tutoring in the hills and mountains of the UK.


    As well as the date above we are able to run Hill Skills courses for groups on dates to suit you, Please contact us for a quote.

    Before attending these courses you will need to register with Mountain Training  (£20 for those 18 years old and over, 12-17 year olds FREE).

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  • Outdoor Activities in Yorkshire

    Outdoor Activities in Yorkshire

    Families - Groups - Individuals

    Walking Challenges - Rock Climbing - Guided Walks - Skills Courses

    The Yorkshire Dales is Lupine’s local playground for all manner of outdoor activities with many of our staff truly “Yorkshire born and bred” having an intimate knowledge, and obsessive love for, this exquisite area. Some might say it’s “God’s Own Country”, and who dare contradict them?

    The area offers beauty and challenge in divine proportion…

    Walking Challenge Events – More than “just” the 3 Peaks

    For those wishing to raise money for charity or just push themselves among beautiful surroundings, Lupine can support a range of walking challenge events.

    • The Yorkshire 3 Peaks
      The Dales is home to the iconic 24 mile circuit of Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough. The aim is to complete the walk in under 12 hours. More details can be found here
      Lupine supports the Friends of the Three Peaks to protect and enhance this inspirational landscape.
    • Alternative Challenges
      For those keen to avoid the crowds, there’s the alternative, 22 mile, Wharfedale 3 Peaks Challenge of Birks Fell, Buckden Pike and Great Whernside centred on Kettlewell. We’ve also developed our own, 23 mile, Caves, Waterfalls, Tarns and Mines circuit using picturesque and vibrant Settle as a start point and base for your celebrations.
      Please speak to us about bespoke ideas for your own Yorkshire Dales challenges.
    • For Children
      For children, Pen-y-Ghent or Malham Landscape Trail (perhaps with an ascent of Gordale Scar) and sections of the Dales Way make good sponsored walk routes. Contact us with your fund-raising plans. Walks can be developed in order to explore elements of the school curriculum or meet personal development objectives. If you’re a Bradford School, talk to us about the Bradford Opportunity Area scheme.

    panorama cropped

    Rock Climbing - God’s Own Grit and Classic Limestone

    almscliffeLupine provide a range of rock climbing activities using skilled and qualified instructors with great knowledge of Yorkshire Dales climbing venues, indoors and out. These include –

    Experiences and Skills Development


    Guided Climbing

    Guided Experiences on Yorkshire’s iconic crags. To whet your appetite…

    •  Classic Almscliffe – guided climbing on the North West Face (VD-HVS)
    •  Pen-y-Ghent The Hard Way – guided climbing on the Summit Crags (S-VS)
    •  Simon’s Seat The Hard Way – guided climbing on the North Face (S-VS)
    •  Malham Cove The Hard Way – guided climbing on the Left Wing (VS-HVS)
    •  Brimham Rocks Safari – guided climbing among natural rock sculptures (VD-HVS)


    For Schools

    • Support for GCSE PE rock climbing and other work with schools. If you’re a Bradford School, talk to us about the Bradford Opportunity Area scheme.

    Speak to us about your Yorkshire rock climbing plans or visit our Rock Climbing pages for more info and a booking form

    Guided Walks

    Manchester Dogs at MalhamWith our wealth of local knowledge we can add value to your day or long distance walk.

    Day Walks

    • Explore the limestone landscapes around the southern Dales with our “Three Peaks Up and Under” walks. These follow Simon Oldfield’s itineraries, locating ancient settlements, potholes and other natural and cultural history curiosities, from his book, A three peaks up and under.
    • Let us guide you on Malham’s Landscape Trail. Ideal for groups preparing to study Geography or geology GCSE – limestone landscapes, faulting and glacial processes. Or anyone else interested in this unique and spectacular place.
    • Themed Walks – talk to us about spotholing and wild cave walks, geocaching, wildflower and heritage walks…


    Long Distance Walks

    The Yorkshire Dales has some fantastic long distance walking routes

    • 100 - 270 miles: Pennine Way, Coast to Coast, Wainwright’s A Pennine Journey
    • 80 - 100 miles: Lady Anne's Way, Dales High Way, Dales Way
    • 50 - 75 miles: Herriot Way, Ribble Way, Dales Inn Way, Nidderdale Way

    We can guide sections of these walks, taking care of the navigation and other logistics, leaving you free to enjoy the journey. Please contact us with your requirements or to talk through some ideas.

    Navigation Courses and Hill Skills

    Our navigation courses and Mountain Training Hill Skills coursescan all be run in the Yorkshire Dales for your local convenience or to enjoy these special landscapes. Contact us if you would like us to put on a course for you and your friends, family or colleagues.


  • Rock Climbing

    climbing guided 3We offer a range of outdoor rock climbing sessions and courses to suit all comers.

    They broadly fit into two categories:


    Group rock climbing sessions and courses

    We run a wide variety of these throughout the year on single pitch crags in Yorkshire, Derbyshire (The Peak District) and Cumbria (The Lake District). The groups vary widely in experience and aims but some examples follow.


    • Family groups on holiday wanting a climbing activity.
    • School groups on enrichment days.
    • Scout, guide and other youth groups wanting a day's experience.
    • GCSE PE climbing groups (sometimes 2 or 3 days at a time). We are an approved provider and are registered on Evolve in many areas of the country.
    • Groups of climbers with experience on indoor walls hiring us to provide kit, experience and training in outdoor climbing and rigging climbs. We sometimes get groups from a wall who take a week's holiday together and hire us on each day of their trip.
    • Groups of adults who work together.
    • Stag and hen parties.

    We offer, half day, full day or multi-day sessions climbing and / or abseiling at outdoor crags, and shorter sessions (from 1 hour to 4 hours) on indoor climbing walls.

    Get in touch if you would like to discuss your requirements

    Example Price: From £196 for a one day outdoor climbing for up to 8 people in Yorkshire or the Peak District (£140 for half day).

    Maximum Group Size: 14 people.


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    group climbing


    Advanced rock climbing courses, coaching and experiences

    We run a multitude of more advanced climbing courses and experiences, some examples of which are detailed below. The courses listed are examples that we have run in the past but we can customise them to fit your availability and requirements. We can run these courses anywhere in the UK with a suitable venue.

    Get in touch to discuss your requirements or fill in a booking form

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    Skills for independent climbing

    This 2 day course is for people who want to learn to climb independently outdoors. It covers the skills needed to climb at single pitch crags using top ropes; skills which will open up a huge amount of quality climbing to you across the UK.  Top roping enables you to climb independently and is also a valuable building block for lead climbing. This course does not involve lead climbing.

    Example Price: From £329 for a 2 day course based in Ilkley.

    Maximum group size: 6 (from £55 per person)

    Previous experience required: Some outdoor climbing and/or climbing independently indoors.

    Syllabus includes:

    • Guide book use, grades and route selection
    • Anchor selection and assessment
    • Selection and use of appropriate equipment
    • Rigging and setting up safe top ropes
    • Belaying in the outdoor context
    • Movement skills for climbing on rock

    As with all our skills courses, the syllabus will be tailored to the needs of the individual so will vary from course to course.

    independent 1


    Skills for lead climbing 

    Learn the skills required to start leading climbs outdoors. This 2-day course is also suitable for those who are already leading outside but would benefit from some professional instruction to fine tune their skills. 

    Group size:  Up to 4 people.
    Price: From £422
    Experience required: Independent outdoor climbing and/or leading indoors.
    Syllabus includes:

    • Top rope systems including anchor selection and assessment
    • Belaying for the lead climber and the second in the outdoor environment
    • Equipment for lead climbing
    • Managing risks on-lead, including runner placement and selection
    • Guide book use, grades and route selection

    Please note that we do not guarantee that you will lead a route on this course. While this will be the aim it will depend upon the assessment of the instructor as to whether or not it is safe to do so. This assessment will take into account events on the day including the weather.

    In addition to this 2-day course we also offer 1 day and multi-day courses to provide a quicker introduction, a recap, or a more in-depth course. Please contact us to discuss a bespoke course.

    lead 1


    Skills for multi-pitch climbing.

    Learn or develop the skills for multi-pitch climbing. Making the move from single pitch climbing to multi-pitch climbing offers new challenges and requires new skills. This course covers the skills you need to move into the multi-pitch environment, including, for those that are ready for it, multi-pitch leading. For those who already have multi-pitch climbing skills, this course can be tailored to develop those skills to a more advanced level. It is therefore suitable for 2 climbers at different stages in their skills and abilities. It can also be booked for a single climber.

    Often booked as a 2-day course, this is also available as a single day for those wanting a quicker introduction or to fine tune their existing skills, and as a multi-day course for those who have the time to go into extra depth.

    Price: from £195 per day

    multi 3

    Guided experience

    For anyone that wants to be taken multi pitch climbing, including on mountain crags and sea cliffs. This could be as an introduction to multi pitch climbing prior to going on a skills course, could be because there is a route you’ve always wanted to do, or could just be because you want the experience. Either way a day of guided climbing can make this happen. Like all our courses this is available as a gift.
    Suitable for 1 or 2 people.

    Price: From £195 per day.

    climbing guided 2

    Movement skills

    Want to improve your grade, at bouldering, indoor wall climbing, or outdoor climbing? This is the course for you.
    Group size: Up to 6
    Price: From £102 per half day

     Get in touch to discuss your requirements or fill in a booking form

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  • Sponsored Events and Mountain Challenges

    Charities – Corporate teams – Youth groups - Schools - Individuals  

    Whether your aim is to raise money for charity, a team-building exercise with a difference, or purely the satisfaction of completing one of these challenges, we can provide the event for you.

    As a not-for-profit social enterprise with an involvement in social and environmental issues, we are the natural choice for fundraisers. If you represent a charity or large group wishing to organise a sponsored event then please take a look at our Information for Charities and Large Groups page.

    In addition to mountain challenges we also run climbing, abseiling and mixed activity events. No challenge is too big or too small for us so if you don’t see what you want here then get in touch – we are happy to work with you to come up with the right event for you. 

  • Winter Skills Courses

    2019/2020 Winter skills courses & guided winter walking

    winter2014 013 photo


    Winter brings additional challenges to the mountain environment.  Snow, ice and extremes of weather can dramatically increase the danger for the winter mountaineer, but for those who wish to face these challenges when winter walking, the experience can be fantastic.


    Get together with friends and book one of our Winter Mountain Leaders to guide or train you or join an 'open' course on a set date.


    We have Winter Mountain Leaders available for bookings in the following areas throughout the winter.

    • Glen Coe / Fort William, Scotland
    • Aviemore / Caringorms, Scotland
    • Snowdonia, North Wales
    • The Lake District, Cumbria
    • The Yorkshire Dales, Yorkshire 

    To book a Winter Mountain Leader for a private winter skills course or for a guided winter walk it costs £150 + £25 per person per day for up to 6 people. Overnight expeditions will cost a bit more. If you want to set a location and date and then ask us to publicise your days walk on our 'winter email list' then just let us know. If you would like to join this list to be notified when we are going out over winter at short notice then you can do at the top of the page.


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    Winter Skills long weekends.

    We run these courses over 3 days but if you can't stay for the Monday then just knock £85 off the price

    On the first two days of the course there is a heavy empahasis on learning the skills and the third day is where we put it all together on a day walk. The benefits of day 3 cannot be understated as this is where everything learnt on the previous two days consolidates.


    Dates Location Instructor Price per person Bookings close
    23-25 January 2021 Glen Coe Andy £255 11th January 2021
    13-15 February 2021 Glen Coe Andy £255 25th January 2021




    The aim of this course is to train you in the skills needed to operate as a winter walker in the British Isles. You will learn how to use an ice axe, crampons and winter boots to their full as well a covering weather, snowpack, avalanche avoidance and route planning on a daily basis.No previous winter walking or winter mountaineering experience is necessary to attend this course.


    The course starts each morning interpreting weather and avalanche forecasts before setting out. On the hill the course moves from teaching the basics of using an ice axe and crampons to learning to arrest a slip or slide safely. Avalanche awareness and snowpack analysis is an underpinning theme throughout together with navigation and route choice.


    The exact syllabus will vary depending on weather conditions and what you are most keen to learn. 



    Areas we will cover

    • Weather and avalanche forecasts,
    • Kit and kit organisation,
    • Ice Axe / self arrest,
    • Movement skills with and without crampons,
    • Ice Axe use when walking,
    • Navigation,
    • Route choice,
    • Emergency shelter building,
    • Avalanche and snow pack analysis.


    Courses will run with qualified Winter Mountain Leaders with a maximum ratio of 1:6 so that you can gain the most from the experience.

    Courses will be run with a minimum of 2 participants.

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    Please take a look at the winter kit list. If you need to borrow anything then just ask and we will bring it along. We may not have suitable boots your size, if we don't then we can advise you on where you can hire them.