FAQ - DofE expeditions for schools and Youth groups

How much does it cost?

I'm afraid that isn't a simple question to answer. No two events are the same. We work really hard to keep costs down and there are many ways that we can work together to achieve this. Get in touch and we will arrange a bespoke quote for you.

We have done the training in school, can you just take over for the expeditions?


Do you need our staff to be present on expeditions that you run?

Not usually. If we are able to keep it to 3 or fewer groups on a campsite then we don't need your staff there at all. If you would like us to operate a large group of bronze participants from a single campsite (for example) then we will require at least one member of school staff to camp out with us.

I am a qualified Lowland Leader (LL) / Hill and moorland leader (HML) / Mountain Leader (ML) can I hire you to run the expedition but work on it myself to keep costs down?

Yes, we allow for up to 50% of staff on any job to be from the client organisation. We will induct you as one of our freelancers and you will be able to work for us with other schools in future if you wish. You will have to work under our direction exactly as one of our freelancers would and we will give a discount for your time (currently £150 per day)

I am a qualified LL / HML / ML, we only need 2 more staff members for our bronze expeditions can you provide them?

If you are qualified to operate in the terrain that your groups are out in then you are qualified to direct our staff. It is much more cost effective to hire us in this way using our staff to supplement yours. You will not be hiring us as an AAP as we will not be working to our procedures and risk assessments. You will need to induct our staff on your operating procedures and you will be ultimate responsible for the expedition.

What are the advantages of hiring extra staff from you over putting a couple of ML's on a school zero hours contract?

When hiring from us we take care of the recruitment and vetting of staff, meaning that your HR department don't have to. You many need to have 3 or 4 staff members on the books to ensure the cover you need for only one or two places. If a member of staff drops out due to illness at short notice we can simply replace them with an experienced and fully vetted member of staff usually at a moment's notice. The downside is that you will have less control over the staff, probably less continuity of staff and it may cost a bit more.

We have a training day in school, can you supply some staff to help us run it?

Yes. We can provide staff to cover some or all of the DofE Expedition syllabus, we'll just slot in and do as much or as little as you want.

What are your staffing ratios?

Training 1:7 or 1:14
On in school training that we are running most staff will look after just 1 group. We do however have a number of staff who are either experienced teachers or who have been delivering our trainings for a number of years who will take 2 groups.

Practice expeditions: 1:7
On practice expeditions we each look after one group so that we can give extra help as required particularly on the first day, on subsequent days the ratio may on very rare occasions increase to 1:11 in non-remote terrain with the deployment of tracking technology.

Assessed expeditions in non-remote terrain 1:11
On bronze and some silver assessed expeditions we may put 2 staff out to supervise 3 groups. If this is the case then we will also deploy trackers to help the staff spend their time more efficiently and update their supervision plan through out the day.

Assessed expeditions in remote terrain 1:7
On assessed expeditions in remote terrain (usually gold but some silver) we will always staff with at least one member of staff per group. This is a safely requirement. There are times when external factors are the cause of things going wrong for a team, if this is the case then they could effect other teams too (terrible weather for example). In remote terrain, we feel that it is essential that all teams have a dedicated member or staff.

Do you use trackers on groups?

We have a number of different trackers that we deploy across our expeditions where we feel appropriate. There are many factors that come into us deciding to deploy a tracker or not including location of expedition, medical conditions within a group, staffing levels, availability of trackers, overall complexity of event.

Do you do international expeditions?

Yes, we run international expeditions in the Alps and the Picos de Europa (Spain). Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


Do you have a question not covered? if so please do get in touch.