There really was a lot of water everywhere.

We got a call from Warwick school requesting a single Mountain Leader to help supervise one of four groups they had out for an October half term, gold qualifying expedition. The weather over the four days was horrendous. It rained for a large percentage of every day and night, sometimes very heavily. This was also coupled with high winds leading to poor sleep for everyone. However, my group were amazing and stayed really upbeat throughout. They were a great, solid, reliable group always on time and hardly going wrong at all. This meant I could plan my excursions from the car for a minimum amount of time out in the horrendous weather. On the few occasions when they strayed from the route they were matter of fact, open,  honest and communicative  about what had gone wrong and what they did to fix it.


 All 4 groups successfully completed their expeditions  with both assessors commenting on how pleasant and cheerful all the groups were, which, considering the conditions (and their age and gender) no one could really understand, not even their teachers.



The last group coming in as the sun comes out.



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