Mountain Navigation Courses

North Wales - Lake District - Yorkshire - Peak District



We run 1 and 2 day navigation courses for established groups. If you are not part of a group and would like to join with others then please take a look at our Hill and Mountain Skills courses. With our bespoke courses for most groups we would recommend a 2 day course which is suitable for the vast majority of people, from absolute beginners to those with previous experience or training.


We can, of course, tailor any course to your group's specific experience and needs whether that be fair weather low level walking, mountaineering, fell and trail running etc. Those with a little more experience may wish to do our Advanced course which includes night navigation and a wild camp.


You can make a group booking for a navigation training course in North Wales, The Peak District, Yorkshire or The Lake District at a time convenient to you. This will cost your group about £400 for a two day course. Contact us to arrange a mutually convenient date


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Additional information


We tailor these courses to individual requirements. For the most part we will be using the Ordnance Survey 1:25000 maps (which we will provide) though if you prefer to use other scales or makes then please feel free to bring them along.

The main navigational skills that we cover are

  • Navigation using linear features such as footpaths, walls and rivers.
  • Low intensity navigation tips (how to navigate without having to look at the map and compass constantly).
  • Navigating by using contours. Looking at types of slopes and contour features.
  • Relocation (finding out where you are when you get lost).
  • Using the compass to take bearings from the map and follow it on the ground
  • Using the compass to take bearings from the ground to transfer to the map.
  • Grid references.
  • Map reading in bad weather and in poor visibility.
  • Counting paces and timings
  • Route planning and timings.




Please come equipped for hill walking: comfortable walking boots, a full set of waterproofs, warm clothes, hat, gloves, day pack, whistle, flask (optional) and a water bottle. If you have a map of area and a compass then please bring them along though we will provide you with these if necessary. Your instructor will be carrying a comprehensive first aid kit, emergency shelter and all other essential safety equipment.

If you would like to borrow any equipment then let us know in advance and we will bring it from our stores



The course fees do not include accommodation. We used to sort this out but everyone has a different budget and requirements so these days we leave it up to you. We have a couple of pages with accommodation ideas for each of our regular venues. Please choose your venue from the list below


If you have any questions please get in touch or use our online booking form. your social media marketing partner