It is best practice that organisations running Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE) expeditions should have a 'Technical Advisor' (TA). Indeed it is a legal requirement for commercial organisations running adventurous activites in remote terrain in the UK. Many schools can receive technical advice through their local authority or may have the skills in house.

Lupine Adventure Co-op have over a decade of experience of running Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE) expeditions and can use this experience to offer your organisation technical advice. We can review your risk assessments and standard operating procedures to help you to bring them into line with current best practice and produce a document that you can genuinely work to, to provide safe, appropriately staffed expeditions.

We don't charge a retainer for our technical advisor service, we simply charge an hourly rate for blocks of work that are done on an as and when basis.


Why does an organisation need to receive technical advice?

Lupine Adventure receive Technical Advice from a variety of sources depending on the activity. We have one TA for 'caving' and then a different Techincal Advisor for 'rock climbing' and 'winter mountaineering'. For 'summer hill walking' and 'DofE expeditions' we use an internal Technical Advisor, one of our Directors, Andy Godfrey.

We receive technical advice from outside the co-op for our caving, rock climbing and winter mountaineering even though we have staff with the the appropriate qualifications to run these activities. We feel that while we are competent to write our risk assessments and procedures and run these activities we benefit from having our procedures and practices reviewed by someone who has a broader range of experience and a better overview of current best practice.


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